Rehousing for Original Bausch and Lomb Baltars (Full 8-Lens Set)

Rehousing for Original Bausch and Lomb Baltars (Full 8-Lens Set)


Designed in the 1930's, Bausch and Lomb's original Baltar lenses represented the height of American motion picture optics at the time. They are sharp and contrasty, with gentle corner fall-off on the wide end. Although only single-coated (a huge technological leap at the time), they resist veiling glare surprisingly well, even with point sources in the frame. As a set, they possess a more consistent aesthetic than other lenses of that era, or even their successors, the Super Baltars.

A full set consists of eight focal lengths, 25mm, 30mm, 35mm, 40mm, 50mm, 75mm, 100mm, and 152mm. The first seven focal lengths have uniform T2.5 apertures, while the 152mm opens to T3.2 at its widest. With the Zero Optik rehousing, that consistency is extended with common 95mm front diameters, expanded focus and iris scales, and identical gear placement from focal length to focal length.

Each rehousing is constructed of 6061 aerospace aluminum, with 316 stainless steel PL mounts and reliable cam-driven focus. Every lens has smart and dumb-side focus and iris marks and scales can be requested in metric or imperial units.

The price only covers the parts and labor of the rehousing. Customers must provide their own Baltars as Zero Optik does not maintain any inventory of completed lenses. We do, however, have the ability to refurbish and re-coat scratched or damaged lenses for an additional cost. If you feel your set may require additional service and repair, please email for more details on pricing and turnaround.

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